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Creates a new agent from a template.

Important: It is recommended to set up a distinct base template agent in the BoldChat client. The TemplateOperatorID parameter corresponds to the ID (loginId) of the template agent, which you can access in the Desktop Client or via the getOperators method.

When a new agent is created, the following properties of the template agent are carried over:

  • Complete login record
  • Business hours
  • Email signatures

The following properties are not inherited:

  • Any property set by the input parameter, such as the user name or password
  • Single Sign-On name ID (set to null)
  • My Canned Messages

Input parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
TemplateOperatorID integer yes The identifier of the template agent.
UserName string yes

The user name of the new agent.


  • Cannot be changed later
  • Length limit: Must be between 3 and 254 characters
OperatorName string yes The real name of the new agent.
Password string yes The password of the new agent.
Email string yes The email address of the new agent.
Note: Must contain the @ character.
EmailName string no The friendly name of the new agent. Used as the sender's name when the agent sends an email.
ChatName string no The new agent's name displayed in chats.
Initials string no

The new agent's initials.

Length limit: Maximum 3 characters

InviteImageCaption string no A text caption that appears under the new agent's image in certain types of auto chat invitations. This is usually the agent's name.
InviteImageUrl string no The URL of an image file for the new agent.
ChatImageUrl string no The URL of an image file for the new agent's chat image (shown next to each chat message).
SSONameID string no The SSO name identifier of the agent.
Note: Must be unique.

Return values

Parameter Type Description
LoginID string id The unique identifier of the new agent.