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Sets agent properties.

Input parameter

Parameter Type Required Description
Departments string no A collection of department objects. Passing in this parameter overrides any previous set departments and sets them to this list provided. Example:
Departments=[{"DepartmentID":"12345","Priority":"3","AssignmentPriority":"3"}, {"DepartmentID":"54321","Priority":"1","AssignmentPriority":"1"}]
OperatorID string id yes The unique identifier of the agent.
OperatorName string no The real name of the agent.
EmailName string no The friendly name of the agent.

Displayed as the sender name of the emails the agent sends.

ChatName string no The agent name displayed in chats.
Email string no The email address of the agent.
Note: Must contain the @ character.
Initials string no The initials of the agent.
Note: Maximum length is 3 characters.
InviteImageCaption string no A text caption that appears under the agent's image in certain types of auto chat invitations. This is usually the agent's name.
InviteImageUrl string no The image location that is used as the agent's invite image.
ChatImageUrl string no The image location that is used as the agent's chat image, displayed next to each chat message.

Return values